Alex Koutmos

Co-Host of Beam Radio

Alex Koutmos is currently a Senior Software Engineer working at Boulevard. He has been working professionally with Elixir since 2016 and was hooked on the BEAM since reading Elixir in Action by Saša Jurić in 2015. When Alex is not programming or reading books, he is playing Nintendo Switch with his two beautiful daughters. Alex and his wife also enjoy taking their girls and Springer Spaniel George out on hikes all across the USA whenever the chance arises.

Alex Koutmos is also the author of quite a few Elixir blog posts that he publishes on He also publishes regular Elixir Tips on Twitter under the #myelixirstatus hashtag. He has also maintains a few packages on and is currently obsessed with taking Elixir application observability to the next level with his latest project PromEx.

Alex Koutmos has hosted 67 Episodes.