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Episode 3: Alex Koutmos and Observability

February 23rd, 2021

In this episode of Beam Radio, Alex Koutmos takes the hot seat as the panel learns about Alex's programming roots, his personal Elixir journey, and what excites him about programming on the Beam. Alex then goes on to discuss the importance of application observability and how the Beam (and specifically the projects in the Beam-Telemetry GitHub organization) allow you to easily achieve application observability. He then goes on to dive into his PromEx project which aims to bring effortless Prometheus and Grafana monitoring to Elixir applications.

Alex is currently a Senior Engineer at Boulevard, the author of the Elixir Twitter Tip Series, a frequent blogger at and the author of the PromEx and Doctor libraries (as well as a few others).

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Chris Keathley - Telemetry Conventions
Alex’s talk on PromEx
Bruce Tate: Julia multiple dispatch talk

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