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Episode 30: LiveView JS and LiveBeats

April 5th, 2022

The release of LiveVIew JS commands is unlocking a lot of sophisticated client-side functionality with very little overhead. Just like you'd expect from LiveView, the new JS command interface, combined with JS hooks, makes it possible to implement advanced JS interactions in a way that is sane and elegant. This is something that I think many people considered to be the missing piece of LiveView--I.e. do I need to abandon LiveView if I need fancy JS? Now, the answer is "no".

Looking through Chris's LiveBeats project really illustrates how far you can take this kind of functionality. I'm really interested to see what others will do with this capability and I'd love to hear about/find some other projects that are starting to take advantage of it.

In this episode, Sophie introduce's the topic with the above, talk about how LiveBeats uses these features and what we think others might be able to do with the same functionality. Code for LiveBeats and the corresponding post

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