Beam Radio

Episode 1: Lars Wikman and the BEAM

February 23rd, 2021

In this first episode of Beam Radio we give a brief presentation of the hosts. You can also read more about us on As we go through the episodes we will give a deeper introduction to each host so you know a bit about who we are. For this first episode we introduce Lars Wikman and then he gets to set the topic. This episode's topic will be the idea that the BEAM can be your entire application.

Lars is an independent consultant who runs the company Underjord. He blogs plenty and writes a weekly newsletter covering both Elixir and the software development profession in general. He lives in Sweden with wife and child. They aspire to grow vegetables on the west coast.

For the topic we get into what it can mean for the BEAM to manage all or most of your application. Why is it different from other runtimes?

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